Some recordings by Sarah Vivian

“The Geisha” by Sydney Jones, Hyperion Records

Extracts are available on the Hyperion Records web site.

Lunchtime Concert at St Bride’s Church, Fleet Street, with Craig White (piano)

  1. “Five Betjeman Songs” by Madeleine Dring
    1. A Bay in Anglesey
    2. Song of a Nightclub Proprietress
    3. Business Girls
    4. Undenominational
    5. Upper Lambourne
  2. “A Garland for Marjory Fleming” by Richard Rodney Bennett
    1. In Isas Bed
    2. A Melancholy Lay
    3. On Jessy Watsons Elopement
    4. Sweet Isabell
    5. Sonnet on a Monkey